The Sandwich Shop at Le Comptoir Phénix

Formule du jour

Our Formula

For workers, the rushed, the gourmands, the students, the passers-by… We offer every weekday lunchtime a simple, quick, and delicious formula.

Ham and butter OR salad of the day + homemade drink + homemade dessert = €7.50

At lunchtime, first come, first served before our formula becomes a victim of its success. The goal? To offer you a healthy, fresh, and 100% homemade formula. Because fast food shouldn’t mean “junk food.”

Le Comptoir Phénix invites you all week to 7 Quai de Bondy 69005 on the banks of the Saône and a stone’s throw from Saint Paul station to pick up everything you need for a quality lunch break.

The Best Ham and Butter in Lyon

“Why offer only one sandwich? And why the ham and butter?”

At Les Aubergistes Lyonnais, we like the idea of offering you something simple but good. Our goal is not to become a sandwich shop, but to share our passion for ham and butter (the best in Lyon, they say) and homemade cuisine: simple and tasty. The ham and butter sandwich is a staple of French cuisine: a safe and reassuring choice. You’ve all tasted it at least once in your life! Maybe you’re not aware, but Louis XIV was the originator of the ancestor of the ham and butter sandwich with his snack that he consumed during his hunting outings. Now that you know everything about the ham and butter, you should know that we strive to elevate it in every bite. Our team carefully selects the best ingredients to create a perfectly balanced sandwich.

  • Premium quality ham from Monchardin
  • A fresh and crunchy baguette from our neighbors: the Saint Paul bakery
  • Generously spread demi-salted butter from Bresse
  • A few slices of mild pickles to give it a pep For our brigade, it’s about creating a harmony of flavors that will satisfy all gourmets. It’s not just a sandwich… It’s the dish that will satisfy your appetite, give you energy for a constructive afternoon. It’s the sandwich that will make you want to eat only that for the rest of your life. In short, you’ll understand, nothing could overshadow the ham and butter sandwich in our hearts.

Artisanal Fresh Drinks

What if we changed from the coffee machine? To change from industrial and sweet sodas like Coca-Cola, Fanta, Orangina, Schweppes, Oasis, etc., we offer you the opportunity to accompany your meal every day with a refreshing artisanal drink: iced tea, lemonade, infusion, lemonade, detox fruit water… according to our inspiration of the moment! Our drinks are prepared with natural and carefully chosen ingredients to offer a refreshing and revitalizing experience. Our intuition tells us that you will quickly become addicted to our homemade drinks. Moreover, it is entirely possible to consume them outside the formula for those who can’t get enough: It’s available all day. Can you imagine: sitting on the banks of the Saône, on the steps of Saint Paul station, or in the streets of Old Lyon to enjoy your refreshing drink? We can already picture it!

Homemade Treats

The perfect finish is a sweet touch, and our homemade desserts will also find a place in your heart! Cookies, marble cake, cottage cheese, compote, madeleine… A dessert every day to delight your taste buds and finish the meal. Special mention for one of our desserts prepared with love in our kitchen. The soft and generous chocolate chip cookies melt in your mouth, creating an explosion of sweet flavors that bring a warm touch to every meal.

Touche sucrée

Where do we sit?

And to enjoy this lunch break, there’s no shortage of good spots… Many people enjoy the charm of Place Saint Paul for their lunch break.

The shops, the cobblestone streets, the architecture of the station… it’s true that this picturesque neighborhood has everything to charm its guests!

And what about sitting on the banks of the Saône?

It’s ideal for breaking up your day and taking a REAL break in the middle of urban hustle and bustle. Sit by the water and admire the colorful facades of the slopes of Croix Rousse. Or simply watch boats and ducks go by… Otherwise, nothing stops you from storming the benches of Old Lyon!

Who knows? The sandwich shop at Le Comptoir Phénix might soon become the reference for takeout…?