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10 Ideas for Successful Indoor Games and Activities for an Adult’s Birthday

When it comes to celebrating a birthday, it’s often fun to organize games and activities to make the party even more entertaining and memorable. Whether it’s a small gathering with friends or a big party, there are many creative ideas to entertain guests and create a festive atmosphere. Here are ten ideas for games and activities that could add a dose of fun to an adult’s birthday.

The Top Indoor Games and Activities

We’ve prepared a selection of games and activities to be carried out indoors. Fortunately, there is no limit to our creativity… Here you will surely find something to make your birthday celebration unforgettable.

The Timeless Karaoke

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply looking for a fun activity, karaoke provides an opportunity to sing, dance, and create joyful memories with your loved ones. Whether you choose to rent a karaoke room or create your own stage at home, karaoke will bring a festive atmosphere to your birthday. Get ready to unleash your talent or encourage your friends to embark on memorable performances.

In short, karaoke is an essential way to celebrate a birthday with music and good spirits.

Karaoke Nights in Lyon

Some Lyon bars frequently organize karaoke nights, such as:

  • La Fiesta Loca in the 5th arrondissement
  • L’Idole des Jeunes, Le Temps des Copains in Lyon 01

Here are some karaoke rooms to try:

  • Xbox Karaoké Guillotière
  • Kbok Karaoké, Villeurbanne

The Timeless Blind Test

And while we’re on the subject of music, we can’t overlook this flagship activity that has animated hundreds of birthdays: the Blind Test!

A fun and interactive way to entertain guests at a birthday party. The blind test concept involves guests guessing songs by listening to short musical excerpts without revealing the title or artist. It’s an ideal game to test musical knowledge and create a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

If you want to organize it yourself, here are our best tips:

  1. Playlist Preparation: Create a playlist of diverse songs, including popular titles from different eras and musical genres. You can choose songs that are meaningful for the birthday person, such as hits from their birth year.
  2. Sound Reproduction System: Ensure you have a good-quality sound system to play musical excerpts clearly and distinctly. You can use a computer, Bluetooth speaker, or a karaoke system to play the tracks.
  3. Game Rules: Explain the rules to participants. Each musical excerpt will be played for a limited time, usually between 15 and 30 seconds. Participants must guess the song title and/or artist by writing their answers on a piece of paper.
  4. Game Animation: Play the musical excerpts one by one and give guests enough time to note their answers before moving on to the next song. You can also organize teams and create a ranking to add a competitive aspect.
  5. Points Tally: At the end of the game, review the answers and award points based on the accuracy of responses. You can plan prizes for participants or teams with the highest scores.

Hire a Magician

No, you’re never too old to hire a magician! On the agenda: wonder and entertainment. Magicians are experts in the art of prestidigitation and illusion. Their captivating and surprising magic tricks are designed to amaze and entertain spectators. Adding a magician to your birthday party ensures moments of astonishment and laughter for all guests. They can involve guests by inviting them on stage to witness the tricks or even entrusting them with objects to manipulate. This creates an interactive and engaging experience that will make your birthday memorable.

It’s the ideal idea to give your party a surprising and mysterious dimension.

When hiring a magician, make sure to discuss your expectations, the type of audience, and the style of magic you prefer. This will allow the magician to customize their performance to meet your needs. Get ready to be amazed and offer your guests an unforgettable magical experience at your next birthday.

Rent Casino Games

Renting casino games for a birthday can add a touch of elegance, entertainment, and conviviality to the celebration. Here are some reasons why it can be a great idea:

  1. Authentic Atmosphere: Casino games recreate the exciting and glamorous atmosphere of a real casino. By renting game tables such as blackjack, roulette, or poker, you can transform your space into a mini-casino for an evening, offering your guests an immersive experience.
  2. Entertainment for All: Casino games are suitable for a wide range of ages and tastes. Whether you’re organizing a birthday for adults or teenagers, casino games provide attractive and interactive entertainment. Guests can actively participate, learn new games, and enjoy friendly competition.
  3. Risk-Free Gaming Experience: Renting casino games allows your guests to enjoy the excitement of gambling without the real financial risks involved. It’s an opportunity to familiarize themselves with casino game rules and have fun without having to bet real money.
  4. Social Interaction: Casino games encourage social interaction and camaraderie among guests. Participants can gather around the tables, exchange tips and tricks, and challenge each other in friendly games. This creates a lively atmosphere conducive to conversations and interactions.
  5. Original Party Theme: Hosting a casino-themed birthday is an original and elegant idea. You can invite guests to dress in evening attire, create casino-inspired decorations, and add elements such as custom casino chips for an even more immersive experience.

It’s important to note that, in some regions, organizing private gambling games may be subject to legal regulations. Make sure to inquire about local laws and adhere to all applicable rules.

Timeless Board Games

Who doesn’t have fond memories of a game of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, The Game of Life, or even Scrabble (yes, indeed…)? The simple pleasures of life are sometimes the best, and this is a sure bet for a return to childhood and a moment of sharing with your guests on your birthday. Moreover, it’s coming back into fashion: just look at the number of board game bars opening in the city or ask thirty-somethings how they spend their evenings with friends, you’ll be surprised!

Board games and tabletop games offer a unique entertainment experience that brings people together around a table, providing joy and happiness. Playing a board game creates moments of sharing, collaboration, friendly competition, and laughter. It’s an excellent opportunity to strengthen bonds and create memories together. And isn’t that what we expect from a birthday? That it be memorable!

Here’s a list of board games that have gained the love of the French and are often considered among the most popular:

  1. Catan (Settlers of Catan): A strategy game where players build and develop colonies on an island by collecting resources.
  2. Carcassonne: A tile-laying game where players build a medieval landscape by adding tiles and placing their followers to score points.
  3. Monopoly: A real estate management game where players buy, sell, and trade properties to accumulate wealth.
  4. Risk: A global conquest game where players try to conquer territories by engaging in strategic battles.
  5. Scrabble: A word game where players must form words using letters and score points based on the value of letters and their position on the board.
  6. Trivial Pursuit: A question and answer game where players test their knowledge in different categories to collect wedges and complete their quiz.
  7. Pandemic: A cooperative game where players work together to save the world from a global pandemic by managing resources and controlling the spread of diseases.
  8. Uno: A card game where players must get rid of their cards by matching the color or number with the previously played card.
  9. Cluedo (Clue): A deduction game where players must solve a murder by collecting clues and eliminating possible suspects, weapons, and locations.
  10. Connect 4: A strategy game where players must align four of their colored pieces in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal grid.

Bonus: Bingo!

And no, it’s not reserved for the senior club. You would be surprised at how much fun you can have with a simple game of bingo.

It creates a sense of excitement and suspense. Choosing numbers, filling out a grid.