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Teenagers, children, adults: discover the best places to celebrate a birthday in Lyon

A birthday is worth celebrating! Whether you’re a child, a teenager, or an adult, everyone deserves the best. We have prepared a list of ideas to help you find the perfect place to celebrate an unforgettable birthday in our beautiful city. Lyon offers a plethora of options for all tastes and ages. Whether you want to organize an adventurous party for the little ones, a lively evening for teenagers, or an elegant celebration for adults, we have selected the most attractive places. We strive to help you create magical memories on this special day.

Where to Celebrate a Child’s Birthday in Lyon?

For your child’s birthday, think dreams, think adventure, think games! These memories will be eternally engraved in their minds. So, prepare your most beautiful invitation card, inflate your balloons, light the candles, and get ready to organize the birthday of their dreams.

Mini-world, the animated miniature park

If you’re looking for an original and playful birthday experience for your child, look no further. We suggest discovering Mini World, the park of animated miniatures, for a unique and fascinating celebration. Mini World Lyon is the largest park of animated miniatures in France, offering an immersion into miniature worlds full of enchantment, humor, and spectacle. With 70,000 mini-inhabitants ready to welcome you in an original setting, from the bustling city to majestic mountains, scenes of daily life, or the Festival of Lights, every detail is carefully designed to captivate the imagination. Enjoy a leisure park, designed to receive children safely. The park offers a birthday package (under parental supervision) including:

  • Unlimited access to the park during the day
  • Personalized birthday cake
  • Drinks and candies
  • Invitations to send out
  • A surprise gift in the shop All the ingredients for a magical moment that your child won’t soon forget! Plus, Mini World doesn’t charge for the accompanying adult’s ticket and offers you and your guests a ticket to come back and have fun next time.

Parc de la Tête d’Or and its zoological garden

Want an outdoor birthday day? Parc de la Tête d’Or is the ideal place for a celebration in the heart of nature. Enjoy the sun and pleasant spaces that the park offers to organize your child’s birthday. Ideally located along the Rhône quays in the 6th arrondissement, its 117 hectares make Parc de la Tête d’Or the largest urban park in France. Optimized for the relaxation of some and the activities of others, its spaces are full of surprises: a zoo, rides, shows, pony rides, botanical garden… Everything is there to make your visit a magical moment. In addition to its large green spaces, the park has a zoo! Imagine being surrounded by magnificent animals from the four corners of the world that will teach you about their life habits. At Parc de la Tête d’Or, your child and their friends will have the opportunity to discover an incredible variety of animals, from majestic lions to adorable deer. Moments of wonder and discovery guaranteed! The advantage of an outdoor birthday? No need to rent a venue, no expenses related to activities (or very few). You only have to worry about the snacks. Prefer a homemade picnic with cakes and candies? Or indulge in stands of treats (churros, cotton candy, crepes, waffles, granita…)! Beware of the geese that roam freely in the park and are not always willing to share their little patch of grass.

Planetarium Vaulx-en-Velin

And if your child is more of a daydreamer, send them into space for their birthday! We invite you to discover the fascinating world of the Vaulx-en-Velin planetarium. Invite everyone to discover astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration. At your disposal: astronomy sessions, exhibitions (permanent or temporary), an astronomical garden, an observatory, and experimental labs. At the planetarium, your child and their friends will have the opportunity to travel through the stars and galaxies, discover the wonders of the universe, and explore the mysteries of the cosmos. They will be captivated by star projections, planets in motion, and captivating stories told by astronomers. It’s the perfect compromise between fun and culture in our eyes! Our little tip: on the first Saturday of the month, everything is free and without reservation.

Where to Celebrate a Teenager’s Birthday in Lyon?

Planning a memorable birthday for your teenager? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you create an unforgettable celebration.

Firstly, choose a theme that matches your teenager’s personality and interests. Whether it’s a themed party, a costume party, or a special activity, make sure to consider their preferences. Next, create a guest list in consultation with your child—unless it’s a surprise, then it’s a different story! It might be easier to approach their best friend for the guest list.

Also, plan entertaining activities that will appeal to all guests. Whether outdoor games, sports competitions, karaoke sessions, or creative challenges, the goal is to ensure everyone has fun and enjoys a good time.

Regarding food, opt for youth-favorite dishes such as mini-burgers, pizzas, nachos, or assorted snack platters. Don’t forget the personalized birthday cake, which will be the highlight of the celebration.

Finally, if the setting allows, you can prepare an upbeat music playlist to create a festive and dance-worthy atmosphere. Here are some activity ideas that might suit:

Laser Tag and Paintball

Here are five good reasons to organize a birthday in a laser tag or paintball venue:

  1. Excitement and Adrenaline: Teens often seek thrills and activities that are out of the ordinary. These interactive and immersive experiences provide excitement and adrenaline by immersing participants in simulated combat scenarios.
  2. Team Spirit and Competition: These activities promote teamwork and friendly competition. Teens can team up and develop strategies to achieve common goals.
  3. Skill Development: Precision, motor coordination, quick thinking, and decision-making—this is an opportunity to develop and improve skills while having fun.
  4. Screen Alternative: As an entertaining and healthy alternative to passive screen activities, laser tag and paintball encourage teens to move, physically interact with their environment, and socialize.
  5. Lasting Memories: Celebrating a birthday in a laser tag or paintball venue creates unforgettable memories. The unique experience and shared moments of action and laughter will stay with them for a long time.

In summary, organizing a teenager’s birthday in a laser tag or paintball venue offers a perfect combination of excitement, competition, skill development, and the creation of lasting memories. Here are some addresses to help you make a choice:

  • Megazone (Lyon 6 or Lyon Vaise)
  • Laser Game Evolution (East, North…)
  • X – Combat Lyon (Vénissieux)
  • Laser City by Exalto (Villeurbanne)
  • Only Paintball Lyon south & north (Simandres, Niévroz)
  • Paintball Nature Lyon (Mions)

Indoor Climbing Halls and Outdoor Courses

Teens are often in search of challenges and experiences that allow them to push their limits and have fun. Indoor climbing or outdoor courses offer a stimulating physical activity that requires strength, agility, and coordination. Whether done individually or in a team, rest assured you’ll score points with this activity.

Perhaps you’re familiar with Ninja Warrior? Teens love it! Outdoor courses allow teenagers to enjoy nature and breathe in fresh air. It can be beneficial for providing a break and trying out new playful activities.

Be sure to plan a well-deserved snack before or after for these young athletes! A homemade cake, some fruits, and sweets, and you’re good to go.

Climb Up, Hold’up, Hapik, Celest, MRoc, Block’out… There is no shortage of venues to book and organize your birthday in the City of Lights.

Indoor Karting

What about indoor karting?

Speed, adrenaline, thrill, competition—karting is often an opportunity to measure oneself against friends, challenge each other, and feel the competitive spirit! Whether teenagers are novice drivers or more experienced, indoor karting is an activity suitable for all levels. The tracks are designed to offer challenges tailored to each participant, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the experience.

Rest assured, strict safety measures are in place: personal protective equipment (helmets, suits, etc.) and well-established driving rules.

In short, indoor karting is an exciting option for organizing a birthday. Between speed, competition, safety, and a friendly atmosphere, teenagers can experience a thrilling adventure that will be etched in their memory.

Some nearby addresses in the City of Light to give you a helping hand:

  • K1 Speed in Genas
  • Park Event in Vénissieux
  • Onlykart in Dagneux

Where to Celebrate an Adult’s Birthday in Lyon?

Welcome to Lyon, a vibrant city full of possibilities to celebrate a memorable birthday! Whether you’re looking for an elegant atmosphere, a playful experience, or an exciting adventure, Lyon is teeming with fantastic places to make this day special.

We have carefully selected the best places in the city where you can organize an unforgettable birthday. From gourmet restaurants to gaming spaces and sports activities, we have gathered a variety of options to meet your most demanding expectations.

Get ready to experience moments of joy, laughter, and happiness surrounded by your loved ones to celebrate your birthday. Browse through our guide and be inspired by the best places in Lyon to celebrate another year.

Wine Tasting at the Restaurant

For the gourmands and epicureans… A cocktail evening is ALWAYS a good idea. What if, this year, you decided to invite your friends and family to a wine tasting? This new year is a source of maturity, so add a touch of elegance and refinement to your birthday. It’s an opportunity to create a sophisticated atmosphere and celebrate in a chic and friendly manner.

This is a chance to explore new flavors and have a unique sensory experience.

Many wine cellars, bars, or restaurants are ready to welcome you for this type of event. This is, of course, the case with Comptoir Phénix, available for private events every night.

Celebrating your birthday at a restaurant can have several advantages:

  1. Convenience: Organizing a birthday party at a restaurant relieves you of many responsibilities related to preparation. You don’t have to worry about cooking, service, or cleaning. The restaurant takes care of everything, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day, your guests (and your gifts if you’re lucky).
  2. Culinary Choice: Restaurants offer a variety of dishes and different cuisines. You can choose a restaurant that offers your favorite dishes or try something new.
  3. Festive Atmosphere: There is always a possibility to create a festive atmosphere to celebrate your birthday. Some establishments may offer special decorations, personalized birthday cakes, or surprises to make the occasion even more memorable.
  4. Friendliness: Celebrating your birthday at a restaurant allows you to surround yourself with loved ones and share a meal together. You can enjoy quality moments, chat, laugh, and create precious memories without worrying about logistical preparations.
  5. Avoiding Stress: Organizing a birthday party at home can be stressful and demanding in terms of organization, meal preparation, cleaning, etc. By choosing to celebrate your birthday at a restaurant, you can avoid this stress and focus on the enjoyment of the day.

But maybe you’re more tempted by a special activity that will make your birthday memorable and lively…

Bubble Football

Celebrating your birthday by playing bubble football, also known as bubble soccer, can be a fun and unique option. This playful activity adds a touch of fun and competition to your birthday. Participants wear inflatable bubbles that cover their bodies up to the waist and play soccer. This creates moments of laughter and hilarious slips.

Bubble pum, fun booker, babasport… You will surely find the address that suits you!

Escape Game

Escape games offer an immersive and stimulating experience. You and your friends will be immersed in a captivating story where you must solve puzzles, find clues, and work together to escape the room within a time limit. This creates an atmosphere of excitement and challenge, making your birthday more memorable. There is usually a wide variety of themes suitable for all ages to suit all your guests.

By choosing an escape game for your birthday, you don’t have to worry about logistical preparation, such as decoration, cooking, or cleaning. The escape game facility takes care of everything, allowing you to focus on the fun and puzzle-solving.

Here’s a top 10 list of the best escape games in Lyon: Top Escape Games Lyon